Virtual Director Operations

Designed to fulfill the needs of aircraft owners who need independent technical representation.  Don’t get burned or overpay for services not expertly delivered and truly in your best interest.  $1,500 Monthly service includes:

Records Management

  • Monitor MX Due List
    • Ensures accuracy and no surprises for scheduled maintenance
  • Ensure AD Compliance, Service Bulletins  and Life Limits
    • Some are critical, some are not, we know the difference
  • Update Hours & Cycles (non-management)
    • Update flight utilization after each flight or confirm updates were made
  • Update CMP Records (non-management)
    • Update records after each MX event or confirm updates were recorded
  • Review WO’s for completeness and accuracy
    • Never miss an task or an owner specific item to be addressed

Maintenance Planning

  • Validate downtime estimates
    • Shop capacity, manpower, priorities are all factors that need to be ironed out in advance
  • Assist in scheduling downtime
    • Gives owners schedule priority over all else
  • Submit requests for quotes 
    • At least 3 reputable vendors will be presented 
  • Negotiate with vendors
    • Labor rate, parts mark up, services, fuel, incentives, etc. are all negotiable. 
  • Provide budgetary projections
    • 1-5 year MX cost estimates for inspections and life limits

Routine Analysis

  • Audit invoices
    • Ensures NO overpayment for services rendered
  • Analyze MX Due List
    • Review of current status and future needs for owner considerations 


No matter if a project is relatively small and simple or large and complex, it can be structured and managed from inception to completion with the least incurred costs; as quickly as possible.  $850 Daily rate or as negotiated:

AOG support

  • Discrepancy Evaluation
  • MEL/Ferry Flight Options
  • Coordinate with repair facility
  • Work with OEM/Tech Ops
  • Hands-On Support
  • Parts Procurement

Shop Visits

  • Completions
  • Pre-Purchase Evaluation
  • Entry Into Service
  • Project Management
  • Major Inspections
  • Engine Mid-LIfe/Overhaul
  • Paint and/or interior work


  • Service Contracts/Programs
  • Records Management
  • Budgeting/Cost Analysis
  • Invoice Review
  • Specification Review
  • Facility/Operations Audits