What is all this off-market talk about?

Many companies dont want to advertise they are selling their business jet for a multitude of reasons and some of them are valid points especially if they don't plan to replace or upgrade their fleet. That condition could demonstrate to the public that the company isn't doing well or has had some internal change that could effect the business.

A company may decide to sell their aircraft with an organization such as our that has the ability to solicit the sale privately which means without creating adds and online marketing to generate interest. 

When it comes to buying off-market aircraft we tend to tell our client that unless its a known off market sale they can expect to get a better deal with an aircraft thats actually listed for sal was they are eager to sell or move.  


Keep your friends close and your enemy even closer

You've all heard that saying. Its a true statement in aviation and we use it for your benefit when we go shopping. Our preferred client is the client who appreciates dealing with expertise and experience who's interested in building a working relationship with us. When our client fully understands that Fortress Aviation is actually good at what they do and given a mission with specifics creating a target and hitting that target is done because of our vast network and business relationships. 


Close the deal

Wether you are searching or selling theres no way you should be doing this alone or without us. Proven track records and energetic sales combined with passion, a hunger to fly incredible equipment, experience at the closing table with so many different variations Fortress Aviation will close the deal and get you the airplane that you want for the price you want.  

Off Market Aircraft~Downloads

Fortress Aviation - Bell427 (pdf)


Aircraft for sale~Downloads

Fortress Aviation, LLC LR-60 Air Ambulance (pdf)