Aircraft Acquisitions


When it comes to negotiating high dollar contracts there is no one better, none. 

Deal after deal our mantra is the same, win.  A large purchase that requires experience and knowledge is handled exquisitely by Fortress Aviation; there is only one outcome we accept, customer satisfaction. 

In distress? Sell your aircraft to Fortress.



There is tremendous value in expert consulting. You pay people for what they know in your business. Why would you do aviation differently? A thousand miles in wire, a million words in manuals, fluids, and electrons, missions and family trips... There's a lot to it. Fortress Aviation knows where and when to press.



Maintenance is a dirty word for most owners. You fly a perfectly good airplane in for service, pay a ton of money and then have problems to work out that weren't there before. Making sure your maintenance is done right and timely and you're getting what you pay for is what Fortress Aviations MRO department specializes in.

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