Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions



Every single aircraft transaction that Fortress Aviation facilitates are custom and personal just like our client missions. There is no deal alike even if its multiple sales to the same client with the same aircraft type. Every transaction has its requirements that must be managed with absolute control.



Theres something to be said when  you have a track record. Repeat business and referrals naturally arrive and are something our team is accustomed to. Fortress Aviation works hard to earn your business and keep it. From start to finish we are on. Dedicating our lives to accomplish the mission. Wether we are shopping or selling on your behalf getting you home in that sense is our great pleasure. 


Close the deal

Any good businessman will confirm there is an art and skillset to closing deals. Knowing your market, your aircraft history, avionics packages, maintenance intervals and costs, fixed and variable costs combined with operating experience and sales experience are what fortune 500 companies rely on. Fortress Aviation is the best at sales, management and consulting. Consulting requires experience there no other way around it. You an search Google and read FAR's all day and night theres no substitute for actual experience. Thats why Fortress Aviation can close the deal when others can't.


Find me a bigger jet!

I sent one email to Fortress with the subject of "find me a bigger jet" by weeks end they had us demoing a Global Express.  They took our Challenger 601-3R on trade and what we maybe could have done on our own was done fair and fast. I know it was done right and I felt that I was in good hands. My friend recommended I use Fortress as she was very happy with her new purchase. The airplane we bought was the aircraft we demoed and was below market. When the 6000 Vision comes along we may go that direction. Jeff keeps telling me to order a new G500 and I may take his advice if the company continues to grow as it is now Globally! Thanks.

Ron P.